Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Gizmo Company

In all my baby gear research, I kept coming across great video reviews by the Baby Gizmo Company. The reviews were thorough, helpful, and true to real life needs and questions regarding the products. After coming across their helpful videos time and again with different internet searches, I finally began just going to their site directly as well as their youtube channel. They cover everything you may need. Not only do they review gear thoroughly and in a timely fashion, they also have great mom hints, tips, recipes, and support! This is a great company and they are a great help to parents and kids. They are having a giveaway to celebrate their 5 million plus views on youtube. A great giveaway daily! Check out their facebook page and like them, you'll be glad you did!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Favorite Baby Carrier

My first blog is of course going to be about my favorite baby product, my baby carrier! It has made my life so much easier! It is the ERGObaby Carrier, and my whole family loves it. The baby is so content and happy in it, she has been worn in it since she was born and still is in it routinely at 13 months! All her caregivers and our family members have worn it, and always request it when they babysit. We need more!

I can go anywhere in it, and do anything. Shop, walk, hike, do chores, cook, or just sooth the baby. And best of all, she can sleep and nurse in it with privacy and no need to stop our activities. Use the privacy hood to nurse anywhere at anytime, without anyone knowing anything about it. I can wear her in front, on my hip, or on my back. I don't even need a stroller, the few times I tried it I ended up carrying her and pushing the stroller.

It even has accessories to make it even more adaptable to my needs, and my daughter's age. It is GREAT quality, very well made and will last forever, and gorgeous colors. Even Organic is an option. I tried many other carriers that were passed down to me or given as shower gifts, they worked while she was very little, but after two months nothing else was as good! The moby was too complicated, the slings hurt my shoulders, and the Bjorn had no support for me or my daughter. I have read many studies and articles on parenting, and so many experts endorse attachment parenting/ babywearing for the benifits to the baby. I have to say I agree from observing my friends children and my own daughter. They are happy and secure. Being next to their parents is where they belong.

Check out their website, they are a great company.